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How to contribute

  • Either create a new bug or feature request that you want to work on, or find an existing one. (Add a comment to the work item noting that you're going to work on it. Until you have developer rights, you won't be able to assign work items to yourself.)
  • Download the latest sources and make the necessary changes.
  • Package up the changes as a patch and upload it (see the Source Code tab).
  • If you have not already done so, please send e-mail to mbarnett at microsoft dot com, who'll put you into contact with someone from the CodePlex team so that you can electronically complete an Project Assignment Agreement. Note that by posting your submission to the Issue Tracker, you agree to do so under the CodePlex TOU.

It will also be helpful if source code contributions from different contributors are placed in separate source files. (Partial classes make this mostly possible.)

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