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External Dependencies


Things you must have in order to build Spec#

  • Visual Studio 2010: Spec# is meant to be built by Visual Studio, not via makefiles. You should have at least C# and C++ installed as supported languages in Visual Studio: there are both types of projects in the Spec# solution.


Things you must have in order to build SscBoogie

  • Spec#: SscBoogie is written in Spec#, so you need a Spec# compiler in order to build it. You can either download the Spec# binary distribution or else enlist in the Spec# CodePlex.
  • Boogie: SscBoogie depends on Boogie itself. If you installed the Spec# binary distribution, then you can use the Boogie binaries that come with that. Or you can get Boogie from the Boogie CodePlex project. From that site you can either install the binaries or download the sources and build it yourself.

Things you need in order to run SscBoogie

  • Z3: SscBoogie uses Boogie and its default is to generate verification conditions for Z3. Other theorem provers can also be used, e.g., Simplify. You will need some theorem prover that Boogie produces output for if you wish to actually find out whether a Spec# program is correct or not.

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Allberson Feb 2, 2015 at 12:28 PM 
Is there the possibility to install Spec# under mono in linux?

IDisposable Aug 5, 2009 at 7:17 AM 
The link for the Boogie CodePlex project is wrong. Remove the leading www.